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About ShyaWei Optronics Corporation

ShyaWei Optronics Corporation is a professional manufacturer of “automatic optical inspection (AOI) equipment”. ShyaWei is specialized in manufacturing the optical image inspection equipment with high speed and accuracy. The use of highly accurate machine vision as the standard inspection technology can efficiently improve weak points of human inspection. Currently, ShyaWei equipment is introduced to R&D, manufacturing and quality control processes in industries like semiconductor, panel, electronic, medical, environmental protection and electricity.

The “inspection” process is an essential part in manufacturing and the core concept of our design and manufacturing is “maximizing the productivity”(What we persuade is productivity maximum design and making high-relaible AOI equipment). ShyaWei helps customers to create added-values in the industry and provides satisfying and reliable products and services. Through professionalism and flexible manufacturing, ShyaWei assists customers in quality check and adopting fully automated inspection as well as provides the most ideal solution to increase production efficiency and quality stability and create a win-win situation.

Company Policy

Create added values, provide highly reliable products, drive industry upgrade


Technology goal achieved by pursuing professionalism

Key development established through understanding the industry

Solutions based on diligence and responsibility

Core philosophy built on mutually beneficial corporation