ShyaWei cultivates the field of automatic optimal inspection equipment (Commercial Times)


ShyaWei cultivates the field of automatic optimal inspection equipment (Commercial Times)

2019 Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition in TaiNEX Hall 1 during Aug. 21st~24th As a corporate deeply cultivating automatic optical inspection (AOI) equipment, ShyaWei Optronics Corporation will showcase AOI related equipment to address(meet or satisfy) the demand of various equipment options in the current inspection market for the first time at Booth L1018 on the 4th floor.


In this exhibition, ShyaWei partnered with Deepwise, the company highly specialized in AI technology development. By(X) combining high quality visual inspection (AOI) with AI, ShyaWei and Deepwise set the milestone of smart factory with customers through custom systems including universal intelligent defect classification, intelligent fixed pattern classification, intelligent quality check classification, intelligent production abnormality detection and smart security monitoring.


Established in 2018 and targeting the optical inspection market, ShyaWei possesses a team consisting of experts devoting to AOI industry for over 10 years. Harnessing more than 90% of the knowledge of technologies like optronic technology, mechanism electronic controllability and algorithm, ShyaWei R&D personnel provides customers a comprehensive solution for machine vision application. Main business of ShyaWei includes AOI equipment for panel display, PCB, lithium battery and contact lens. Among this(these), ShyaWei has successfully developed and mass-produced semiconductor equipment including “automatic inspection machine of particle size measuring chip” and “wafer inspection”.


With the strengths of flexible design capability, lower cost and the competence to meet market demands, ShyaWei provides customers custom machine and equipment design in a shorter development period. From the mass-produced entry models in Red Oceans to high-end custom models with higher precision and faster response in Blue Oceans, ShyaWei’s superior design flexibility enables a quick response.


Through the collaboration with ITRI, ShyaWei successfully developed 2D color measurement technology and introduced into machines manufactured by customers to solve issues undetectable to bare eyes and create the highest efficiency with the minimum manpower and machine management. Besides the continual cultivation of existing business fields, ShyaWei will also set foot in emerging markets like 5G and electric vehicle for future expansion.


The business philosophy of ShyaWei is to create the design house integrating human and machine. Through innovation practices, the company(ShyaWei) aims to bring the company to the next level as well as develop excellent products and services for customers. To serve customers in Greater China and all over the world, ShyaWei established Kunshan Office. Customer service hotline: (02) 2668-6335 Ms. Liang/ShyaWei (04)2463-0915 Mr. Huang/Deepwise